India has a considerable amount of fast-food options but pani puri has triumphed to become the most loved street food. It has become not just a dish for consumption but an emotion that people can relate to. Whether you call it phuchka, phulka, golgappa or pani puri, your mouth definitely waters at the thought of it. 

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Tangy tamarind, mint water paired with mashed chickpeas and potato along with the crunch of a perfectly fried puri is a match made in heaven. In a viral video, a woman can be seen enjoying her pani puri, only it’s her own wedding. The bride can be seen waiting eagerly for the perfect snack between the hustle-bustle of the wedding. 

The clip was uploaded by @imahimaagarwal on Instagram. The video shows the bride in her lehenga waiting patiently for her perfect panipuri indulgence. The video has been doing the rounds on all social media platforms. On Instagram, the clip has close to a million views. It has 23.1k likes and 26 comments.

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The groom along with the bride can also be seen enjoying the delicious snack. You can hear the bride’s friends giggling at this scene. They offer her an atta Pani puri over the preferred suji variety. Her retort: “Atte ka mujhe nai chahhiye” (I don’t want want to have the atta). 

Pani puri is one dish that one can enjoy any time of the day. Due to its popularity, it has become a staple in Indian weddings.