Tigers are considered one the magnificent and interesting creatures of God. Both in terms of demeanour and their propensity to rule the forest and prey on their attack. Sadly, this amazing species is on the verge of being labelled endangered, thanks to illegal wildlife trade, human-wildlife conflict, habitat loss, and fragmentation. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) number of the Wild Tiger dropped by more than 95% over the last 150 years.

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To create sensitivity and awareness about Tigers in humans, we started observing World Tiger Day. The day is observed every year on July 29. Today, on this occasion we have brought some interesting facts about this splendid animal that can make us realise what a huge loss it would be not to have Tigers in the world.

Tigers’ saliva contains antiseptic

Many people don’t know but tigers have antiseptic saliva, and this is how they treat most of the wounds and bruises they get while hunting their prey or fighting with fellow mates. If a tiger licks a wound or cut, chances of getting an infection are usually nill.

Tigers have stripes on their skin and not fur

Like our fingerprints act as our biometric identity proof, for tigers their beautiful black stripes serve the purpose. Most of us think that the stripes that we see on a tiger’s body are present on its fur but rather these are found on its skin. This means, even if we shave off all the furs from a tiger’s body, they will still have the stripes.

Tigers can run at the rate of 60 kilometers per hour

Though tigers are not the fastest runners in the wild cat kingdom but it has some of the most strong pair of the leg that helps them run faster and cover a longer distance in less time. Most tigers can run up to 60 kilometers in one hour. That’s huge.

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Tiger roar rarely and are friendly with their group

They may look all dangerous and ferocious but tigers are the most humble of all the wild cats, unlike lions. Tigers roar very rarely and are very friendly towards their mates. They are even chivalrous. It is often observed that Often it is seen that the male Tigers allow the female and cubs to eat first.

Tigers can mimic other animals

Woah! Right? Well not like that they want to audition for a film way but to prey an attack. Tiger while attempting to hunt their prey tends to mimic their target’s voice.