International Tiger Day celebrated every year on July 29, aims to spread awareness about the large wild cats who are on the verge of extinction. This day was founded in 2010 in Russia at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, where thirteen tiger range countries gathered together. It was decided at the summit that their main goal was to increase the number of wild tigers by the year 2022. This day is celebrated to inform citizens about the conservation of the tigers.

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There are eight subspecies of tigers that exist around the world such as Siberian, South China, Bengal, Sumatran, Indo-Chinese, Caspian, Javan and Bali. The last three subspecies have already gone extinct due to various reasons such as illegal hunting, loss of habitat and shrinking food supply.

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The conservation of Tigers is very crucial in maintaining balance in the ecosystem as Tigers help maintain the balance between the forest vegetation and prey animals by eating the herbivore animals. On this International Tiger Day, let’s look at some ways we can protect Tigers as citizens. 

Stop wildlife trade

To stop such heinous trade by not buying any products made out of tiger’s body parts. If you know someone who is involved in such trade practices immediately inform the local police about the illegal trade. There is an organisation ‘Traffic’ that fights against the poachers, you can get in touch with for reporting someone involved in illegal tiger traffickers.

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Preserve forest

Tigers’ natural habitat is a forest that is being cut down regularly to mindless human activities. There is around 93% loss of tigers’ natural habitat, this can be prevented by refusing to use forest products which can reduce deforestation.

Create tiger policies

Ensure to make tiger-friendly policies in your locality by writing to the concerned Minister to voice concerns for the preventive measures to protect tigers.

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Spread information to save tigers

You can spread information about the threat against the tigers and communicate conservation strategies in your local online forums or clubs.