Google CEO
Sundar Pichai on Friday shared a screenshot of the popular dinosaur game that
appears when users get disconnected from the internet, saying he might need to
work on his “surfing skills”.

The popular
monochrome game features a T-rex, which has to jump over cacti and dodge other
obstacles as it endlessly runs along a pixelated landscape. Users have to press
the space bar to jump over obstacles or keep on the ground to avoid hitting
flying reptiles. A new update, in view of the Tokyo Olympics, has added a splash
of red colour underneath the dinosaur.  

In his tweet,
Pichai also used a water wave emoticon, suggesting the T-rex will have to use a
surfboard to keep clear of the obstacles in the game.

The game
was developed as an add-on for the Chrome browser. It only serves as a means to
pass the time as users wait to restore their internet connection.

In view of
the Tokyo Olympics, which finally got underway today with a watered-down
opening ceremony – after being delayed by a year due to the coronavirus
pandemic, Google has released a new update to keep users engaged.

As part of
the update, the T-rex will pick up the Olympic torch and transform into one of the
avatars of the Olympics. New obstacles, including sea waves, have also been

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Google’s parent company recently Alphabet unveiled a new “moonshot” project to
develop software for robotics that will be used in a number of industries. The
new unit, called Intrinsic, will become an “independent Alphabet company” and
seek industrial partners to advance their work, helping to make everything from
solar panels to cars.

is working to unlock the creative and economic potential of industrial robotics
for millions more businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers,” the unit’s chief
Wendt Tan-Whote said in a blog post.