Candice Murley, who gained popularity on the video-sharing platform, TikTok passed away on
Sunday. Just two days before her death, she shared a video that said “voices in her
head had gone silent”. The cause of death is
yet to be confirmed, but many speculate drug abuse and cyberbullying as probable

36-year-old TikTok sensation is survived by her son, Maxwell.

sister, Marsha McEvoy took to GoFundMe, a fundraising platform, to confirm the
death. Although not confirming the cause of death, she stated, “We have received some news no one wants to hear,
tonight we lost a huge part of our family, my sister Candice.” McEvoy shared that
Candice was lively and carefree, and the family’s hearts are torn apart by her
sudden demise.

Candice’s funeral fundraiser has amassed over $18,051,
out of which, the remaining amount will be added into the trust fund for Candice’s
son, Maxwell.

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Two days before her sudden death, the 36-year-old TikTok
icon had uploaded a short 8-second video on her Tiktok handle ‘candicemurley’, in
which she talked about the “voices” in her head going suddenly silent,
wondering what they’re up to next.

Murley had over 27,000 followers on TikTok right
before her death. With thousands in her community, many TikTok users poured in
with theories on her mysterious death. While one user added that death is meant
to happen with mental illness and drug use at play, others added that Candice
looked happy, and one shouldn’t care about what she chose to do for happiness.

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As soon as the
news of her death struck the internet, many social media users poured in and sent
their condolences and respects to Candice.

shared that her sister enjoyed dancing and singing, and had an extremely loving
and supportive community on social media. She concluded saying that Candice’s
videos are all that’s left of her, and the community will keep her legacy alive
through her vibrant social media posts.