An Amazon worker has posted a viral TikTok video, asking people not to buy groceries from the platform. The user, @rxggiv, said “A little advice from an Amazon employee… please stop buying beverages or food products from Amazon.”

They quickly went on to clarify in the comments that there was nothing wrong with the quality of Amazon’s food products, per se. However, the issue lies with their packing machines. The worker outlined that when these devices malfunctioned, it often resulted in putting the integrity of food products at risk. There were instances of spillage, which in turn would lead to other machines breaking. The comment went on to explain how this resulted in a vicious cycle where other food products were at risk of getting damaged. 

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Understandably, several people who rely on Amazon were taken back by this new information and expressed their surprise. One user said that their mother depends on Amazon and they did not know how to break this news to her. To this @rxggiv responded while reiterating their point about the machines. The individual stated that if one were disabled or just relied on Amazon for their daily groceries, it would be advisable to head to another online shopping outlet or some other source. In response, @rxggiv received thanks for the clarification, with the commentator explaining that their mother is quite old and avoids leaving the house for fear of contracting a coronavirus infection. 

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The conversation drew the attention of others, who chipped in with recommendations like DoorDash and Instacart. 

Amazon is currently America’s preferred grocery shopping outlet, having surpassed the likes of Costco and Walmart, in July 2021. Projections state that the Jeff Bezos-founded company will grow, with their grocery sales doubling by 2026. While COVID-19 and the lockdowns played to Amazon’s strength, the current shipping delays across the country have put a strain on all online retailers.