Ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Panchayat elections, Yogi Adityanath government had brought a ‘new reservation policy’, though the Allahabad High Court directed against it and asked to release a new reservation list considering 2015 as the base year.

The new reservation list of UP Panchayat elections for Mirzapur district was released on Saturday. Allahabad High Court’s decision nullified the list which was released earlier. A lot of people flocked to check the lists in the District Panchayat office in Mirzapur. 

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In total of 44 Zila Panchayat member posts, 30 have been reserved and 14 are unreserved, according to the new list. Likewise, of the 12 block chief posts, eight have been reserved.

For the post of Pramukh, two SC, two OBC, one woman of OBC and SC each along with two women seats have been reserved as per the new list. It also consists of four unreserved seats.

In the District Panchayat, there are eight SC, seven OBC, five SC women, four OBC women, six women seats reserved. Though, 14 seats have been unreserved. In addition to this list, the reservation list for the village heads of 809 gram panchayats have also been released.

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The Allahabad High court has also ordered the Yogi government to finish the elections by May 25, 2021.