West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s popular slogan ‘Khela Hobe‘ made its debut in the Parliament when opposition lawmakers shouted the slogan in Lok Sabha while demanding a discussion on ‘Pegasus Project’ report.   

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What does Khela Hobe mean?

For West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee‘s party, Trinamool Congress, it was “Khela Hobe (game on)”, as the party won the assembly elections against the BJP. TMC won 213 seats, while the BJP could only surge ahead in 77. All through the elections, the mood of the season was Mamata Banerjee’s “Khela Hobe” versus PM Narendra Modi’s “Khela Shesh (Games finish)”. The slogan ‘Khela Hobe’ means Game On, which was given by Trinamool Congress as a lot of its leaders switched to the BJP, pitching CM Mamata Banerjee against the all opposition faces.

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The slogan became very popular as pop songs based on it were played and large hoardings were put up all over West Bengal. The opposition parties also came up with their counter slogans to keep the fight interesting, but lost to Didi’s ‘Khela Hobe’.

PM Modi also followed the trend and opposed the Game on slogan by saying ‘Khela Shesh’ meaning game over, that TMC’s game is over and its the turn of development to take lead in West Bengal. 

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Khela Hobe song is believed to be written by TMC leader Debangshu Bhattacharya and Mamata Banerjee has been using the song as the anthem of the party. The Khela Hobe slogan has been used various times to challenge BJP and PM Narendra Modi.

This evening soon after the leads were out, TMC supporters gathered outside the party office and danced to the tune of ‘Khela Hobe’.

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