West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is extending her khela hobe battle cry, predicting the return of a stronger opposition that “will create history” in the 2024 national election. The West Bengal chief minister, however, evaded a straight answer when asked if she expected to be the face of a united opposition against the BJP.

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BJP is a very healthy party. Opposition will be stronger, it will create history, this is our hope for ’24,” Mamata Banerjee said at a press conference in New Delhi, reports ANI. Taking off from her successful poll slogan, khela hobe‘ (game on), Banerjee said, “Poore desh me khela hoga. (the game will be on in the entire country) It’s a continuous process…When General Elections come (2024), it will be Modi vs country.”

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Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the three-time Chief Minister of West Bengal said that Narendra Modi was popular in 2019, today they have not kept a record of the bodies, last rites were denied and bodies were thrown in river Ganga. “Those who lost their loved ones will not forget and forgive,” she added.

Having registered a convincing win over the BJP in the recently-held assembly elections in West Bengal, analysts feel that Banerjee has started nurturing national ambitions. Taking the lead in presenting a united opposition front, she is meeting all Opposition leaders.

‘Not an astrologer’

Banerjee, however, was dismissive when asked about her so-called national ambitions. “I am not a political astrologer, it depends on the situation.” She was responding to a question on whether she would be the face of Opposition.

Meeting with Sonia Gandhi

On her meeting with with Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Banerjee said, “Congress trusts the regional parties and regional parties trust Congress.” This comes after her party skipped the strategy meeting called by the Congress in Parliament House

‘Sacche din’

In an attack on the government and its 2019 poll pitch of ‘Acche din’ (good days). Banerjee said, “We want to see ‘sacche din’, saw enough of ‘achhe din'”

Pegasus spying row

Mamata Banerjee, who has already ordered a probe by former judhes into the snooping row, said, “My phone is already tapped. If Abhishek’s (Mukherjee) phone is tapped, and I am talking to him, then, automatically my phone is tapped too. Pegasus has put everyone’s life in danger.”