In collaboration with Tech Mahindra and Genesys, Google Maps launched its panoramic Street View service in 10 Indian cities on Wednesday, 11 years after an initial attempt was unsuccessful due to regulatory issues.

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Google Street View is a Google Maps feature that allows users to view and navigate 360-degree horizontal and 290-degree vertical panoramic street level images of cities around the world. The Street View feature allows you to go on virtual walks, explore landmarks, and locate shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Street View images are obtained from specially-equipped cars that drive through cities and urban areas, taking panoramic 360-degree recordings of everything they come across, including people going about their daily activities. Google has implemented technology that blurs people’s faces and allows visitors to flag inappropriate or sensitive imagery for review and removal in order to protect people’s privacy.

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Many countries have received privacy complaints and regulatory scrutiny for 360-degree views of streets around the world based on photos taken by cruising vehicles.

The Indian launch comes after the government denied Google permission at least twice in the last decade due to security concerns.

On Wednesday, company executives stated that they were able to meet the regulatory requirements due to India’s new geospatial policy, which allows foreign map operators to provide panoramic imagery by licencing the data from local partners.

Tech Mahindra and Genesys collected all of the data, according to Google, who added that the service would be available in more than 50 Indian cities by the end of the year.

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According to Miriam Daniel, Vice President of Google Maps Experiences, Street View imagery will blur out individuals’ faces and licence plates to address privacy concerns.

The announcement on Wednesday coincided with the launch of a similar feature by MapmyIndia (CEIF.NS), which powers Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) maps in the country. According to the company, its Mappls RealView is available in thousands of cities.