One among 25 radio-tagged vultures released for a scientific study from the Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh has reached Pakistan

Its last location was traced to Lal Suhanra National Park in Sindh province. Last week,  two others had reached China

Lal Suhanra National Park, one of South Asia’s largest and a UNSECO biosphere reserve, is home to about 212 species of wildlife, 

including Egyptian vultures and griffon. 

“Thank god, it wasn’t shot by troops on either side on suspicions of spying,” 

a senior forest official in MP said. The MP added that the vulture that ended up in Pakistan flew over 700 nautical miles.

One of the aspects being studied in the project is the ability of this endangered species to fly on a precise route and find suitable climatic conditions for roosting. 

The project has been launched by the Wildlife Institute of India. Under the first phase,  around 25 vultures were radio-tagged in Panna National Park to study the movement and habits of scavenger birds. 

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“A Eurasian griffon vulture with GPS tag No- 8643 has entered  

vulture with GPS tag No- 8643 has entered Pakistan. Its last 

location was Bahawalpur district in Pakistan’s Sindh province,” said the national park’s field director Uttam Sharma.

Four Himalayan Griffon vultures at the moment are in Tibet, Uyghur areas, reported Times of India.