World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on May 8.

It is observed to honour the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The day also commemorates the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant, the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the first Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

The World Red Cross Day is an annual celebration of their values in which people from all around the world pay gratitude to the humanitarian organisation for their incredible contribution to aiding those in need.

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The Red Cross was introduced as a major contributor to peace and it established an international commission to explore the Red Cross Truce at the 14th International Conference of the Red Cross. 

The Red Cross Truce report was given in 1934, and its principles were accepted at the 15th International Conference in Tokyo.

During World War II, the Tokyo proposal was implemented. The Board of Governors of the International Federation of Red Cross Societies (IFRC) proposed an annual commemoration.

On 8 May 1948, two years later, the proposal to observe World Red Cross Day yearly was adopted. It was designated as ‘World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day’ in 1984.

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The day is incredibly crucial because it teaches everyone to never back down when it is their moment to demonstrate kindness. In a society plagued by crises such as food scarcity, natural disasters, conflict, and epidemic disease, there is an urgent need to spread kindness.

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Every year, the day is commemorated with a different theme, and the topic for 2022 is ‘Be Human Kind.’ With this year’s theme, the  IFRC encourages everyone to be kind to one another. It shows us all that, despite everything, there is hope and humanity to be found in acts of generosity.