Are you a cat person or a dog person? This question can make you scratch your head in confusion because most people love both. However, many have their preferences. Cat lovers are generally less in number as it is particularly difficult to manage cats as pets owing to their private nature and tantrums. Do you want to know if you are one of those who like cats? It’s easy squeezy.

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Today, on the occasion of International Cat Day, we have compiled a list of signs that can help you ascertain whether it not you are a cat person. Let’s get started.

You respect cat’s dominance

Cats are the most private and dominant creatures. You can never pet a cat, at least not for her because they pet you. Living a cat means living in her world. You are expected to clean up their mess, treat them and cuddle when they want, and do everything as per their mood. If you are okay with the fact, then you definitely are a cat person.

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Your cat’s cuddles are something you are grateful for

If you are a cat person, its cuddles or choosing you for the resting spots is the highest honour for you. Even if it comes after a million scratches and bites, you just love the fact that they chose you for their love.

Your Instagram feed is filled with cat pics and videos

They say your social media is a reflection of you. And if you are a cat lover, it is mandatory that your Instagram is filled with cat videos and pics. If your love for cat content has grown to an extent that your friends are on the verge of blocking you because you send them cat pics all day, congratulations! you are a cat person

You talk to your cats

If your stressed mind and the overwhelmed heart find refuge in a conversation with your cat, you do not need any more proof. If you talk to your cat about your day, a fight, or an important decision. You are a cat person.