Michael Armus Sr., a California resident, prevented a robbery and potential loss lives by comforting the suspect. The incident occurred at Bank of the West.

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Who is Michael Armus Sr?

Born in 1954, Michael Armus Sr is a man from California.

He prevented a robbery and potential loss lives at Bank of West by comforting the suspect. The incident occurred at Bank of the West on May 26, 2023.

On a Monday, he was depositing a check at Bank of the West when police say 42-year-old Eduardo Placensia slipped a note to a teller alleging he had explosives and demanded money.

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Armus claimed he recognized the guy as a former neighbor and friend of his daughter and knew he had to intervene. He claimed to have detected irritation and despair in the suspect’s voice.

Armus approached Placensia and asked, “what’s wrong, You don’t have a job?”

Placensia replied, “there’s nothing in this town for me. Nothing in this town for me. I just want to go to prison.”

According to the 69-year-old, he made an effort to reassure the suspect and offered that they walk outside. The scenario concluded with an embrace.

So, Armus continued, “I took him outside and gave the man a hug right here at the doors.” He began sobbing.

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Soon after the gesture, police arrived on the scene and detained Placensia for attempted robbery. Authorities claimed Placensia was unarmed.

When questioned about the incident, Armus told KCRA that, ‘Like 25, 20 years ago, he lived in an apartment complex I did. I didn’t know him, but I have seen him around. He was a friend of my daughter’s. That broke the ice for me. The thing was, I saw something else. He seemed to be depressed, the way he was talking.” 

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Armus stated that he is thinking of seeing Placensia in jail following his imprisonment.

“Love overcomes all things. People don’t realize that. Try to be kind to somebody. It makes a difference,” Armus added.

According to a statement given to ABC News, police commended him and referred to him as a “Good Samaritan who delivered the right message that made a difference.”