Former NBA player Scottie Pippen who played for Chicago Bulls, alongside Michael Jordan said LeBron James is the greatest statistical guy to ever play the game of basketball. Pippen slammed Michael Jordan on debate of greatest player of basketball, calling him a horrible player.

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Pippen’s declaration that LeBron James is the greatest player of all time has fueled the ongoing debate over basketball’s greatest. LeBron James, a four-time NBA champion and four-time regular-season MVP, has a long list of accomplishments to his name.

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He made the statement during a debate during his presence on web show Stacey King’s “Gimme The Hot Sauce”. In the show, he lauded LeBron for surpassing Kareen Abdul-Jabbar’s record of NBA’s all-time leading score record, said their is no comparison to him.

However, Pippen’s statement are highly critical, as many can argue the fact, calling Michael Jordan the greatest of all time in basketball. The statement also depicts that there is a clear rift between the two former Chicago Bulls player.

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It can be seen as side effect of his tussle with Jordan over how he was portrayed in “The Last Dance”, or it can be a due to Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan dating Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa.

Firing the shot at Jordan, he said he wont take part in debate on greatest of all time, saying, “So, does that make him the greatest player ever to play the game? I’ll leave that out for debating, because I don’t believe that there’s a great player, because our game’s a team game, and one player can’t do it. Like, I seen Michael Jordan play before I came to play with the Bulls. You guys seen him play. He was a horrible player. He was horrible to play with. He was all one-on-one, he’s shooting bad shots, and all of a sudden, we become a team and we start winning, everybody forgot who he was”.