Budweiser has collaborated with Harley-Davidson to mark a strong impression for a beer, in an attempt to attract customers back after Dylan Mulvaney’s chaos.

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Earlier, the beer brand and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch were heavily trolled for its collaboration with Dylan Mulvaney. On April 1, the influencer shared an Instagram video of himself cracking open a Bud Light as part of a promotional contest. Mulvaney stated that the company sent her a personalised can with her face on it to commemorate a year since her transition. The collaboration drew a lot of criticism from Conservative figures, accusing the beer brand of going woke and segregating its customer base.

The criticism and troll made Anheuser-Busch report a loss of $15 billion in value. The newly released commercial feature a male narrator speaking about “grit and bounce” while a mechanic polishes a Harley-Davidson, contrasting with the theme of Mulvaney’s collaboration.

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As the new commercial came up, Twitter users took no time in judging Budweiser’s act. One user trolling the commercial said, “Budweiser just came out with a new advertisement with Harley Davidson. Anheuser-Busch wants you to know that they’re SUPER MANLY now. Desperation mode.”

While other user took a jibe saying, “Budweiser is trying hard to recover from wokeism. Lame that Harley would stoop to their level.”

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Another user said, “Budweiser is sticking a Harley bike logo on their beer can, now. Trying to camouflage their WOKE agenda. I am standing for AMERICA and will never buy BUD or any Anheuser-Busch beer. Go Americans. Dont be mislead. 

Go WOKE go BROKE. Let them know!”

Neverthless, the new commercial can be seen as a move to change the image of the Bud Light, which got a heavy dent after collaborating with Mulvaney.