LEGO has officially announced a collaboration with Nintendo to introduce a line of products inspired by the beloved game series, Animal Crossing. The confirmation of this long-anticipated partnership came via Nintendo’s Twitter account, where they posted a brief trailer revealing iconic Animal Crossing characters reimagined in LEGO form.

While specific details regarding the nature of these products and their release date remain undisclosed, back in August, leaks suggested that fans could anticipate the arrival of five complete sets in March 2024. It’s important to note that these leaked details are unofficial and should be approached with caution.

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According to reports from VGC, the anticipated sets are expected to span a range of price points, from $14.99 to $74.99. Although the names and contents of these sets were not revealed, their set numbers and prices were provided. Set 77046 is said to include 170 pieces and retail for $14.99, set 77047 will offer 164 pieces at a price of $19.99, set 77048 will feature 233 pieces priced at $29.99, set 77049 will comprise 389 pieces and cost $39.99, while set 77050 is set to offer a whopping 535 pieces at a price point of $74.99.

This collaboration between LEGO and Nintendo is not the first of its kind, as they have previously joined forces for various successful ventures. Notable examples include the LEGO version of the Nintendo Entertainment System console, which was a substantial set, and the popular Super Mario Bros. range.

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The Super Mario collection encompassed a wide array of sets, catering to fans of all ages, such as the Luigi Starter Set, Dry Bowser’s Castle, and a massive 2,807-piece Bowser set that could be interconnected with others. In 2021, a Super Mario 64 set was also introduced, delighting fans of both LEGO and the iconic video game franchise.