‘Boycott LEGO’ started trending on Twitter after the company’s transgender building sets for children aged 5 and above, went viral. It is the latest company to face the heat after an array of companies like Budlight and Target saw slumps in their sale for being more inclusive in their messaging.

YouTuber Amiri King was one of the first ones to call out what he presumed was LEGO’s latest launch. “LEGO has released LGBTQ/trans building sets for kids ages 5 and up. Meet the groomer behind it all, LEGO’s President of Design, Matthew Ashton. What is the sudden overwhelming fascination between these people and the sexuality of children? Let them play with blocks for fucks sake. Weird,” he wrote on Twitter.

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The Pride sets in question are not new toys launched by LEGO but have been around for a year, having been launched last year. However, while it was not seen as an issue when it originally launched, the raging culture wars that have taken over the internet at present led people to speak out against LGBTQ-friendly toys.

“Children’s toy maker LEGO has released an LGBTQI+ range featuring transgender building sets for kids age 5+,” famous internet personality Oli London, who previously identified as transracial, gender neutral and transgender, said in a tweet.

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LEGO’s 2022 Pride campaign was titled “A-Z of Awesome,” and it was “an alphabet of builds created by LGBTQIA+ LEGO fans.”

A LEGO spokesperson quickly decried the rumor that the company had launched a new set of toys to celebrate Pride month. “The information on Twitter is false. We have not released any LGBTQIA+ sets aimed at children. ‘A-Z of Awesome’ was a marketing campaign released last year that featured sets built by our amazing adult fans. None of these sets are for sale,” a LEGO spokesperson told The Post on Thursday.

Nevertheless, the company continued to face backlash on social media. Here are some of the reactions: