The FBI recently arrested Elizabeth Ballesteros West, a transgender individual from Oregon, for making threats against various minority groups. West’s arrest highlights a concerning pattern of behavior and a cache of weapons that posed a significant threat.

Who is Elizabeth Ballesteros West?

Elizabeth Ballesteros West, a 56-year-old from Oregon, has been identified as a transgender individual with a history of extremist views and threatening behavior. According to reports, West harbored animosity towards Jews, Black people, and immigrants, often expressing these views on social media platforms.

West’s disturbing behavior included posting images of guns on a transgender support group page on Facebook and making threats to go out in a “blaze of glory.” This post was particularly alarming as West believed he was about to be fired from his job and expressed frustration at being bullied by individuals he perceived as transphobic.

The FBI’s investigation into West’s activities revealed a pattern of racist and extremist ideologies. West had previously been arrested in 1993 for a violent act against his father and had a history of mental health issues, including diagnoses of bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder, and PTSD.

During the raid on January 9, the FBI confiscated a significant number of firearms and ammunition from West’s residence, including 11 handguns and 16 rifles, further underscoring the potential danger he posed. The investigation also uncovered West’s pro-Nazi messages, idolization of Hitler, and derog