In Washington, D.C., on Wednesday afternoon, an FBI special agent fell victim to a carjacking at gunpoint, as reported by multiple law enforcement sources. The incident unfolded in the vicinity of the 1200 block of Constitution Ave., NE. The agent, operating a blue Chevy Malibu containing essential equipment like body armor and a radio, had the vehicle stolen but fortunately emerged unharmed, according to sources cited by ABC News.

The stolen car, which held crucial FBI resources, was swiftly recovered shortly after the incident. The DC Metropolitan Police Department has taken on the responsibility of investigating the matter.

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An FBI spokesperson has confirmed that both the FBI Washington Field Office and the Metropolitan Police Department Carjacking Task Force are actively involved in probing the incident. The FBI issued a statement in the evening, acknowledging the carjacking and indicating ongoing investigations by the respective agencies.

Washington, D.C. has been grappling with an unprecedented surge in carjackings, surpassing 900 recorded incidents year-to-date. The alarming statistics indicate a more than 100% increase compared to the previous year. Notably, 77% of carjackings in the district this year involve firearms, according to the MPD. Additionally, juveniles constitute 65% of the arrests made in connection to carjackings, highlighting a concerning trend in criminal activity involving younger individuals.

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The incident involving the FBI special agent underscores the heightened challenges faced by law enforcement in the District as they address the surge in carjackings, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to address the root causes and enhance public safety measures.