A 23-year-old Indian student, Om Brahmbhatt, has been arrested and charged with allegedly murdering his grandparents and uncle inside a condominium in New Jersey, as reported by the South Plainfield police department and the Middlesex county prosecutor’s office. The victims were identified as Dilipkumar Brahmbhatt (72), Bindu Brahmbhatt (72), and Yashkumar Brahmbhatt (38).

The incident unfolded when officers responded to a neighbour’s report of shots fired at the Traditions condo complex on Coppola Drive in South Plainfield around 9 am on Monday. Upon arrival, they discovered the lifeless bodies of the elderly couple and their son, who had sustained gunshot wounds. Dilipkumar and Bindu Brahmbhatt were found shot to death, while Yashkumar Brahmbhatt was taken to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries.

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Who is Om Brahmbhatt?

Om Brahmbhatt, who had recently moved to New Jersey and was residing with the victims, was apprehended at the scene and later charged with three counts of first-degree murder and second-degree weapon possession. The accused, hailing from Gujarat, had a seemingly calm demeanor during his court appearance. Om allegedly admitted to purchasing the handgun online, which was used in the crime.

The motive behind the shooting remains unclear, and the police received a 911 call from Om on the morning of the incident. When questioned about the perpetrator, Om reportedly stated, “It might be me.” The neighbours revealed that this wasn’t the first time law enforcement had been called to the condo, citing a prior domestic violence call.

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The Traditions apartment complex, known for housing many Indian immigrant families, has become a scene of shock and concern. Residents are hopeful that the numerous security cameras in the area might aid in shedding light on the events leading up to the tragic incident. Om Brahmbhatt is currently held at the Middlesex county adult correctional center pending a pre-trial detention hearing, with his legal representation status unclear.