In a message to the gaming community, Kazuya Maruyama, the Executive Producer of Gundam Evolution, announced the game’s conclusion. The developers have made the difficult decision to end the service on November 29, 2023 (PST) after attempting to create a fusion of FPS and Gundam fandom.

The team had aspired to build an authentic Gundam FPS game that would be enjoyed worldwide. However, they acknowledge that they are no longer able to provide a satisfactory experience to their players. Despite this, they extend their gratitude to all players for their support and express their apologies for not meeting their expectations.

While the end of Gundam Evolution is inevitable, players can still expect upcoming updates. Season 6, set to launch on August 23 (PDT), will introduce a new unit and two maps. Following that, the final season, Season 7, is scheduled for October 25 (PDT) and will bring a new unit and map. The development and administrative teams are committed to ensuring players enjoy the game to the fullest until its final moments.

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Regarding in-game changes, sales of EVO Coins, EC Pod Limited, CAP Pods, and Ticket Pods will be discontinued. However, players can still use their existing EVO Coins until the service ends. Capital Points will be the focus of the game’s currency, with opportunities to earn them through various activities and unlock new units without the need for purchasing EVO Coins.

As the end draws near, the game’s community will have a chance to learn more details during the Mission Briefing Final, streamed on Friday, July 21 (PDT). While the farewell is bittersweet, the development and administrative teams promise to make the remaining time worthwhile for devoted players.

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With the end of service set for November 29, 2023 (PST), Gundam Evolution will no longer be accessible, and all in-game items, including EVO Coins, will become obsolete. It’s a somber farewell to a game that united Gundam enthusiasts and FPS fans worldwide.