While the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have still not realized the complete effects of this virus on the human body. Recently, a US man’s account surfaced on a podcast claiming that COVID-19 had shortened his penis length. 

The individual remained nameless and sent a letter to the hosts, explaining that he contracted the virus in July 2021. As a result, he was hospitalized and after his discharge, there were some issues with erectile dysfunction, but medical attention solved that particular problem. 

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However, the man who is in his 30s stated that he was left with a much more lasting problem when he saw that his above-average sized penis had shrunk by one and a half inches before he fell ill.

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As per the man, his doctors put down the shrinkage to vascular damage and stated it was likely to be permanent. Notably, the long-term impacts of COVID are still relatively unknown but some research on this topic has indicated that traces of the virus could exist in the genitals, months after the infection, and could affect circulation, leading to erection issues. 

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The link between circulation and COVID extends to other body parts, like COVID toes, which works the same way as frostbite. Further, a study by the University College London, in July 2021, showed more than 200 COVID symptoms, among which a decrease in genitalia size was also observed. This ties in with the US man’s account. 

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Though there is no assured way to get one’s penis back to its previous size, a urologist has noted that devices like penis pumps can help regain lost size and girth. Microdosing Viagara could also be an initial step in treating the problem, but more recently there’s been a move towards traction and stretching devices. The medical professional noted that some vacuum erection devices also showed some potential in this regard.