Diwali, the festival of lights, like any other festival requires preparation beforehand. That means, running errands, cleaning your house, buying sweets for your relatives, and more. All that combined with an extreme workload, a couple of things might just slip your mind. 

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Here are some last-minute gift ideas that will save you from the hassle of brainstorming, and will equally surprise your loved ones. 

1. Sweets and desserts– You can always go back to Diwali chocolate boxes if you run out of ideas, but they have become very common and do not really stand out from the stacked boxes of chocolates that the person might have already received. Instead, try to get personalised sweets and chocolate boxes and look for something with more variety. 

2. Home décor- Diwali is synonymous with home décor, so this a perfect chance to gift a unique wall piece, a bed lamp, or a vintage clock. Home décor never really fades out of style, and it will be useful in the long run. 

3. Plants- Plants make an excellent decoration item, and can be very personal. There are thousands of varieties you can choose from, and you will make an environmentally conscious choice. 

4. Handmade art- Handmade art is deeply meaningful and makes an excellent wall décor piece. Gifting something handmade will definitely be highly appreciated, and it can be used in the long run. 

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5. Jewelry- If you don’t want to spend money on real diamonds, you can always purchase fake jewelry, they look beautiful too, and don’t break your bank. You can find various types of jewelry, so you have a lot of options. 

6. Coffee makers- Coffee enthusiasts would definitely appreciate this. Getting a cup of coffee whenever you want to is definitely a priceless feeling. 

7. Crockery- Tea or dinner sets might be a repetitive Diwali gift idea, but you can always give it a personal touch by getting custom messages engraved on those dinner plates.