Luxury brand Gucci has caused a stir in the World Wide
Web with its latest offering to the world of fashion. Priced at a mind-boggling
$1,200, Gucci is offering a jeans and overalls with fake stains. Yes, you read
that right.

The fake stains give a certain grass-stain-on knee-look. While the
jeans is priced at $1,200, the overalls cost $1,400.

Describing the item, a statement on the Gucci website says, “Gucci explores new takes on the cult
fabric, reinterpreting it with different designs and washing techniques that
blur the line between vintage and contemporary. All organic cotton leftovers
from the cutting process for this product are then upcycled into new materials
under the ‘Gucci Up’ program”.

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Following the launch, people
couldn’t believe their eyes and decided to vent their emotions on Twitter.

The item on the website is described as “light blue eco
washed organic denim with stain effect.”

overalls are made in Italy and produced through processes that “respect
biodiversity and ecosystems”, the website adds.

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Last year, Gucci had
launched a pair of ‘dirty’ sneakers at a price of $870. According to the
website’s description, the shoe design was inspired by “vintage sportswear” and
“classic trainers from the ’70s.”

The sneakers were called
the “Screen” and were sold in green and orange, red and green and blue and
orange for men and green and orange and a strawberry print for women.