It is that time of the
year, the one day to put our crazy inner self to display without feeling sorry
and we can’t keep calm.

It’s Halloween already and
there is nothing that can pull our enthusiasm back, not even the insane virus
plaguing our lives for the better part of year now.

Unlike the other times, Halloween
this year would be mostly from our citadel of luxury, Home, thanks to the
COVID-19 pandemic and we understand financials have been tighter this year, but
why to worry?

We will make sure that
neither the pandemic nor the money-crunch can take the Halloween thunder away
and to do that Opoyi has brought to you some spooky and inexpensive ideas to
decorate your very own Halloween castle without digging a hole in your pocket.

From designing a Halloween theme
dress for your kid to putting together pretty pumpkin decors or making your own
accessories to look more Halloweenish, we have got it all covered for you.

Pumpkin styled Earrings
and Nose-rings

Create your Halloween jewellery (credits: envato elements)

Did someone say Halloween fun
is for kids? Well, throw these pretty scary earrings on their face (not

It’s your Halloween and so
should be the fun and we saying that because our DIY on theme accessories will compel
you to forget he quarantine blues and go all festivity modes on. For that you need
to find some old earrings of no use anymore and can turn it into a super cool Halloween

ATTENTION: But you have to be
a good painter for that or a good hacker for that matter.

Let us learn how to do it

Take an old metal charm plate
(as per the desired size of your earrings), paint it orange (preferably pastel
or oil colors) and let it dry for some time.

Once it is all dry put either
a pumpkin faced sticker (can be easily procured from the store) or paint it
yourself with black pastel color, if you are like really confident about
your painting skills.

 Let it dry and use it as your very own Halloween
jewelry or surprise friends and family with these super cute accessories.

Crazy Crockery for

Scare up your Halloween crockery a bit. (Image courtesy: Envato elements)

 Whether it is a dinner party with family or a
haunted movie night for besties. Halloween is incomplete without food and we
are sure you’re going to bake up something yummier than ever

So why serve it in that plain
white plates and jars if you can make it much much more interesting.

If you are all sprinkled up
with Halloween festivities why not your crockery?

We will ensure that your
crockery is colored with all the Halloween shades and send a message to your
guests that Halloween is surely your thing.

how to do it            

need to take out a selection of old glass jars (I keep a stash of these in the
garage for crafting projects), a pile of tissue papers preferably colored, some
mod podge and brushes along with paint pens (take as many colors as you can)
and some LED tea lights.

of all take small pieces of tissue papers and start decoupaging the entire
thing (be careful while gluing it as tissue papers are delicate and palatable
to tearing)

make sure that the decoupaging is done only on the outside of the crockery as
you can’t afford colors and glue to be an ingredient in your meal)

done with layering tissue paper and start coloring it with your favorite shade.
Start doodling then and make whatever crazy designs you can come up with.

tea light can be used in case of jars to keep as table candles and lanterns.

it dry and serve guests some Halloween snack in your newly created crockery

Ghost Decors

This is so far the easiest one
to make. Halloween makes no sense without ghosts so why not turn the door table
into a ghost plank by just keeping some ghostly coconuts and scare whosoever
steps in.

All you need for this DIY is
a few coconuts and Black pastel colors.

Here’s what to do

Take a coconut and break it
evenly into two halves (try to get one with dense hair); coconut is like a
natural canvas with a white background so all is already set for us.

Take the brush and start
painting scary faces on the coconut flesh. Once it is dry put it on the door or
the table and create your ghost area.

Jinxed Door Mat

It is time to get the sassy
writer responsible for all the quirky Instagram captions in you out and create
scary quotes to scare the intruders and trespassers, well what we mean is if
the ghost is out, better mark your haunted territory.

What you require for the
purpose is an old worn off door mat and color spray, mostly darker shade.

What to do?

Well, unleash your inner
demon and write all the mean and scary and creepy stuff you have been longing
to say to the neighbor or that shrewd colleague of yours.

First of all give a
background color to your welcome mat using color sprays and then look for the

Here’s some from the team

Welcome to your

Enter but can’t
promise the exit

Hello dear Mortal

Say Hi to your
final day

Someone inside,
probably the ghost

Coronavirus skull Garlands

 The pandemic has left no stone unturned to
turn our lives into a living hell; let’s celebrate the hell then. Mark 2020
with corona themed garlands, even better if you can draw some skulls into it. (coronavirus
crying in the corner :

Make this super creepy
coronavirus garlands with Opoyi to make everyone go EWWWWW.

What do we need?

Black Jute or
even wool can work

Paper straws

Pom Pom (probably

Thread and Needle

Firstly, cut five-six pieces
of jute 3″ long and stick them together in the center to create arms of the
virus. Then put some glue in the center and put a pom to give your virus a head
like structure.

Make 5-6 viruses, even more
depending upon your choice of garlands.

While the viruses are drying
(creepy already) cut the paper straws in half with and sew through the head of
the virus pom to hold them in place. Then string the straws together using a
duct tape or glue.

Your creepy virus is good to
go, creep the Halloween out of your people!