When we say Diwali, the first visual that strikes our mind is brightness all around with sparkling lights. If you are someone, who wants to give your house some last-minute makeover, playing up with light can do wonders.

Interior designer Amardeep Gulri lists down some smart options to give your house a radiant look with some fun.

* You must have at home some used glass bottles, fill these with colourful fairy lights and line up these bottles on the porch, on the mantle, or a shelf in your living area.

* Do It Yourself (DIY) halo hanging chandelier for your ceiling can really work well. Just twist a fairy light string around a simple round frame and you just gave your room the sparkling tiara it deserves.

* Decorate your walls with string lights or strip lights. You can run the string lights in different shapes and tape them to the wall. These lights can make your room glow, just turn off the rest of the lights.

* Kandeel as we know them, are the traditional hangings that can be used all around your home and in your outdoors to add to the beauty, light a yellow bulb inside it.

* If you have a dried floral arrangement sitting in a vase, you can dress it up during Diwali with soft fairy lights – giving it the aura of magical wood.

* To make your entrance look even more welcoming and grand, light up your garden. String lights moving between the plants or wrapped around a tree can completely change the way your garden looks.

Stuti Gawri, Founder and CEO of the The Greyy Room says that “one of the most important features of an interior space is lighting, with its main objective of making a space functional, inviting, and warm.”

She thinks that each room in an apartment or a house requires a set task to be done and that requires a certain type of light design along with colour management, functionality, and light fixtures.

“Using warm yellow light in a formal living room and reducing the intensity with the help of dimmers relaxes you and also helps reduce blood pressure, thus playing a major role in defining one’s mood and also help in making a room appear larger by giving it a soft glow,” she told Opoyi.

Gawri also says that selecting the right lighting makes you take notice of the beautiful details, whether its the grain of the wood or a tapestry, texture of wallpapers or flooring patterns and that is the ultimate form of luxury.