A new TikTok trend is all the rage on the platform at the moment where people are pranking their relatives with the fake news of celebrity deaths. Some of the names which have been targeted in the prank are Cher, Robbie Williams, Jon Bon Jovi, Barack Obama, Tom Cruise, and Idris Elba.

The purpose of the hilarious, albeit a little morbid prank is to record the expressions of parents or other relatives when the prankster breaks the news of a specific celebrity death.  While some dramatically burst into tears, others start screaming and shouting in disbelief, upon hearing the news before being informed it was just a prank.

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The celebrity death hoax has been called “sick” and “downright disgusting,” by some people while others have found it hysterical. Mostly older generation people are on the receiving end of the prank as they are not that up-to-date with social media updates. 

In one hilarious video, a broke the news to her mother that Idris Elba had passed away. This resulted in her mother throwing herself backward in shock and hitting her head on the wall before jumping up from her seat. Her daughter then burst out laughing only to reveal that the news was a hoax. 

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Another woman is told that “David Beckham has died aged 47.” This causes her to stop working and say “No he hasn’t, no way. Not our David Beckham.” In one more example, a woman is instantly annoyed when she is told that Jamie Oliver is dead. “Don’t say anything like that” she says angrily. She calls the prankster a “stupid cow.”

In a similar prank, an entire family is told Tom Cruise is dead, causing its members to scream. The camera pans around showing their shock and horror. One of the men slaps a hand on his head in disbelief. 

In another video, a woman gathers her family to break the news that “Barack Obama is dead at 51.” The room bursts into cries of “NOOO OH MY GOD” screaming “in pure terror.”