Even though the exact origins of cheese might be unclear but one thing that we can be sure of is that it is one of the most loved delicacies in the world and is used in multiple cuisines in various forms. It is believed that cheese first originated around 8,000 years ago and the United States celebrates the dairy product on June 4 as National Cheese Day.

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Here are the top 4 variants of cheese you absolutely need to try:

1) Gouda

Gouda is a highly consumed type of cheese in central and western Europe and is known to go well with the local flavours of the region. This kind of cheese is known for its varying flavours based on the time it has been aged and is often described as “younger the cheese, the milder taste”. It pairs well with organic fruits and freshly baked bread.

2) Feta

A type of cheese that originated in Greece, Feta is one of the rare kinds with a lower than usual caloric count. Made from either goat or sheep milk, the cheese carries a tangy taste. It is famous for being enjoyed with salads, eggs or dips and can potentially have an extended shelf life if preserved and packaged with brine.

3) Cheddar

Likely to be one of the most loved variants of cheese, Cheddar is also a comfort food for most. Due to its distinct taste, it can be enjoyed with a variety of foods like fruits, bread or even meats like pepperoni and turkey. Moreover, the most classic pairing of this Cheddar is with salted crackers. 

4) Manchego

Manchego, which is a cheese native to Spain, is known for its grassy and nutty flavours. It also boosts up the taste of items like groundnuts. Being one of the most loaded and rich variants on the list, Manchego is best paired with wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or any other local wines.

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National Cheese Day or not, it never sounds like a bad idea to huddle with your loved ones and enjoy a board of your favourite kinds of cheeses and wine.