If your body is giving you these signs, it’s time to start working on your digestive health. 

1.     An upset stomach: The most obvious sign of poor gut health that your body can give you is an upset stomach. Feeling bloated or constipated is a sign that your gut has difficulties in processing the food you eat.

2.     Acne, pimples and other skin issues: Have you ever noticed how after consuming a salty diet, you wake up with a puffy face the next day? Or after days of consuming delicious sweets, you tend to have a few breakouts on your face? A poor diet can easily affect the way your skin looks.

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3.     Low immunity: If you are prone to catching cold, it could be a sign of a weakened immune system due to poor gut health. A nutritious diet will strengthen the gut and the immune system.

4.     Acidity after eating: Indigestion is a common symptom of a poor gut. Indigestion can also cause heartburn and bloating.

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5.     Sudden weight loss or weight gain: When your weight fluctuates suddenly, it could be a sign of poor metabolism, i.e., a weakened ability of the body to process the food you eat.

6.     Mood swings and fatigue: It is no surprise that the food you eat affects how you feel. A nutritious hearty meal will leave you feeling full and energetic, while a meal that contains processed food will leave you feeling sluggish. Poor diet can also affect our moods and can play a significant role in making an individual depressed.

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 Our gut does not ask for too much to be happy. A healthy diet, regular exercise, hydration and managing stress effectively are some easy ways to get started on your happy gut journey!

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