Photos of a bearded pet dragon accidentally sticking his head in a SpongeBob SquarePants toy have taken over the Internet.

New England Animal Medical Centre shared a Facebook post on Wednesday showing the animal being held in a box by a veterinarian.

The caption of the Facebook post read – “This is the cutest emergency we’ve ever had!! Randy, the bearded dragon, tried to visit SpongeBob Square Pants yesterday and ended up in the ER. We’re not laughing at you Randy; we are laughing with you. The pineapple didn’t make it, but Randy is back home happily laying in the sun.”

A user wrote about their little bearded dragon and replied – “I have a bearded dragon named Tonka. They have such unique personalities. They get into trouble from curiosity good thing he is not a cat. Glad randy the dragon is ok.”

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Another user awed by the creature’s beauty wrote – “That is the most beautiful design on this creature I’ve ever seen.”

Funny comment by a user read – “Your curiosity got you in trouble Randy!!”

The post has gained over 3,200 likes on Facebook, as well as countless comments from users.

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Updating on the SpongeBob SquarePants situation, the Medical Centre shared another post on Thursday when they took out the toy from Randy’s head and stated-

“For everyone that wanted to see Randy’s “after” photo…here he is. Looking as handsome as ever! Even without the pineapple, he’s still our cutest patient ever.”

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Bearded dragons, or “beardies,” are tiny creatures that are native to Australia. They have a long, thick tail and a spiky, beard-like collar around their neck and range in colour from light tan to brown. Even novice reptile keepers have fairly complicated nutritional and environmental needs, hence they are typically regarded as good pets.

Bearded dragons require specialised equipment and a significant amount of time to care for.

They are, however, gregarious and simple to tame, and they exhibit a variety of unique behaviours that make them fascinating to see.