A garments shop named after neighbouring Pakistan is winning hearts across the border. %u2018Pakistani Attire%u2019, located in Ludhiana’s Bhai Randhir Singh (BRS) Nagar, has been at the centre of the pleasant exchange across the border.

%u2018Pakistani Attire%u2019 is run by 36-year-old Puneet Kaur, who has been importing suits, dupattas, kurtis, dress material etc. from Pakistan for the past seven years. 

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%u201CI have never received any negative remarks or feedback for naming my shop after Pakistan,%u201D she told The Indian Express. 

%u201CExcept for a comment or two on Facebook, where people told me not to promote Pakistan, no one including my family, friends or clients ever had any problems with it,%u201D she added.

Puneet says that %u201CPakistani fashion is so unique and the suits are so well-designed that women from Punjab, in fact the entire northern region, are great fans of Pakistani attire and love buying them. I have clients from across the region, who always appreciate our work.%u201D

When Ludhiana-based Jasbir Singh Jogi shared the store’s picture on social media, it instantly became a hit and comments poured in from across the border.

“Love from Pakistan%u2026” and %u201CZabardast, dil khush kar ditta tussi%u201D read some of the comments. Others from Pakistan mentioned stores in their that were named after Indian cities.

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%u201CI have a Bombay Bakery in my city Hyderabad Sindh,%u201D commented a user. 

%u201CThis is Karachi%u2026.” wrote another user, who shared a photograph of an eatery called %u2018Indian Kitchen%u2019.

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