Gloria Serge, 85, was attacked and killed by an alligator in the Spanish Lakes Fairways community in St Lucie County, Florida. The woman was killed on February 20, 2023, as per reports.

The Florida and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated that Serge was walking her along a pond in her community in Fort Pierce when the alligator tried to take her small dog.

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In an attempt to save her dog, Serge was knocked over and pulled by her foot into the water by the alligator, which is estimated to be at least 10 feet long.

Who was Gloria Serge?

Gloria Serge’s body was recovered and the alligator involved in the incident was captured and ultimately euthanized. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated that Gloria’s pet survived. The commission also said that serious injuries due to alligators are rare in Florida.

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The victim was a widow who had five adult children and several grandchildren.

Serge’s neighbor, Carol Thomas, lives beside the lake where the tragic incident took place. Thomas was in her bedroom at around 12 pm when she looked out the window and rushed outside to help Serge, reported CBS12.

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Thomas attempted to save Serge when she came up for air and asked her to swim towards a paddle boat that was overturned in the lake. However, Serge was still in the alligator’s grip.

Thomas also grabbed a long-wrought iron pole used to hang outdoor plants to pull Gloria out or distract the alligator. However, she was still dragged down into the water.

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Witnesses called 911 and the Commission and the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office responded to it.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that an alligator trapper was dispatched to St Lucie County following the incident.

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According to reports, the alligator did not surface while attempts were made to bring it out of the pond. The alligator put up a fight and the trappers had to get a second hook in it and then a hard line in it. It was reported to be between 600 and 700 pounds.