The famed Oakland Hills Country Club on the 3950 block of West Maple Road in Bloomfield Township, a club frequented by some of the world’s most elite golfers, was partially destroyed in a massive inferno on Thursday morning.

At around 10am local time on Thursday, flames could be seen licking the roof of the club. The fire soon spread, engulfing a large section of the wooden structure.

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Despite a swift response from several fire departments, including the Bloomfield Township Fire Department and Southfield Fire Department, the roof eventually collapsed.

Firefighters attempted to contain the blaze by attacking the flames with water hoses and fire trucks, but the fire still blazed two hours after it was reported, and it is expected that much of the storied clubhouse will be destroyed, along with some priceless golf memorabilia.

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At the time of writing this, no injuries had been reported, but the West Maple Road had been closed down in light of the massive blaze. It is also unclear how the fire started.

For those unaware, the historic Oakland Hills Country Club had one of the most prestigious golf courses in Michigan, and had previously hosted six US Open Championships, three PGA Championships, and the 2004 Ryder Cup.

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The club hosted its first major tournament, the Western Open, after the completion of its construction in 1922, and the next major tournament it held was the 1924 US Open.

Over the past century, the club has been visited by numerous golfing greats, including Tiger Woods, while legends such as Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus have also registered tournament wins at the historic golf course in the club.