NFL fans were left astounded when videos emerged of a fight between Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals players during a joint practice on Thursday, August 25.

Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald was seen holding two Bengals helmets in his hands and swinging at the opposition players. His antics were also photographed when a photojournalist for a Cincinnati-based newspaper captured the incident.

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said the brawl forced them to cancel the joint practice session. “It got a little scuffley, and so we just called it,” he said.

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“We were in the last period. We got two really good days of work in. Was it worth getting the extra couple of plays? No. So we called it off. We got two good days of work in and we’ll go play on Saturday,” Taylor added. The 39-year-old declined to comment on the reason behind the fight.

Watch video of the fight here:

Meanwhile, the Rams’ head coach Sean McVay revealed he did not know the reason which resulted in the brawl on Thursday.

“I think in some instances teams defending each other,” McVay told Los Angeles Times. “Fortunately, my understanding is nobody got hurt and we’ll move on from it. Not going to make a bigger deal than what it is. Not going to look at pointing fingers,” he added.

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Apart from Donald, the Bengals’ offensive lineman La’el Collins and Rams’ linebacker Leonard Floyd were also identified during the brawl.

Collins threw a helmet toward Floyd, which resulted in a fight between the players on both sides. The pair were once again involved in another altercation in a second fight.

The Los Angeles Rams beat Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl LVI earlier in 2022 and it is being thought that match could have affected the incident. The Rams and the Bengals face each other on August 27 in a preseason match.