The 2022 British Grand Prix at Silverstone was one of the most entertaining races in recent times as the thrilling action continued unabatedly from start to finish. 

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One of the top stories of the race was a heartwarming one- Mick Schumacher, the son of Michael Schumacher who is widely considered the GOAT (greatest of all time) of Formula 1, won the first points of his Formula 1 career, coming home in 8th position. He had enjoyed an impressive race throughout. His first big moment came when he overtook the equally impressive Latifi- who had earlier made his first Q3 appearance in qualifying on Saturday. He then went on to overtake senior teammate Kevin Magnussen in decisive fashion twice- before and after the safety car, to wrestle his way to P9. Next up was his fellow countryman, friend, and mentor Sebastian Vettel who could only watch as Schumacher made short work of him as well, taking P8. 

This set up an intriguing finale as Schumacher next had current World Champion Max Verstappen on his radar. Verstappen had been driving an ailing car that had been damaged by debris earlier in the race and was thus soldiering his way to the finish. 

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Schumacher went out all guns blazing trying to make the flying Dutchman his next scalp, and an enthralling battle ensued between the two young racers. It was a frantic final flourish, which Verstappen managed to shade, barely, and the two came home at P7 and P8. 

This Verstappen-Schumacher battle provided a strong dose of deja-vu, as older F1 fans reminisced the years when the fathers of these two racers- all-time great Michael Schumacher and Dutchman Jos Verstappen, raced in Formula 1 together in the mid-90s as well. 

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And to add icing to this heartwarming cake, an old video of Schumacher Sr. and Verstappen Sr. has surfaced on Twitter where the two discuss their sons- who were children then. In this video that will bring a smile to any F1 fan’s face, they talk up the prospective future careers of their sons, joking about pushing their sons to play golf (a somewhat less dangerous sport!), rather than race in Formula 1! 

You can watch the video here:

Clearly, the sons didn’t pay much heed to their dad’s ideas, as they’ve now grown up to rightfully stand among the best racers in the world themselves, and one of them is even the current World Champion now!

Jos Verstappen is a regular at the paddock supporting his son Max, and it is all but certain that Michael Schumacher would have greatly enjoyed and toasted to his son’s maiden points finish in F1 too. We wish Michael the best of health.