Photos and videos of Argentina’s star player Lionel Messi charging at the Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal after a heated quarterfinal between the two teams on Friday have gone went viral. According to reports, he told them that he talks too much.

Argentina beat the Dutch in the action-packed game by emerging victorious in the penalty shootouts after the two teams closed the game’s actual playtime to a draw 2-2. It was a highly charged game where tempers flew from both sides and pushes came to blows, with a huge amount of yellow cards given out by the Spanish referee.

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The fury seemed to spill over even after the game when Messi went up to the opponent team’s coach and had an exchange of words. See the moment here: 

In one of the photos, Messi also appeared to mock the coach by holding out his ears, probably to invite Gaal to make more derogatory comments about his game.

Gaal has not had the best of words for Messi in the past. He has publicly said that it would not be a big task to stop the PSG man.

“It’s not that difficult to come up with an answer as to how to stop him. You might want to block and close the passing lines. I can’t see this creating too much of a hoo-ha,” he said. 

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After his team’s defeat, Gaal announced that he is stepping down as the Netherlands manager. 

“What I’m leaving behind is a great group. Personally and football-wise this is a team that is very close and with a lot of skill. I was coach for 20 matches and we never lost over that time. That’s for a reason,” he said. “We’ve played against top countries as well, although those countries were eliminated earlier in the competition.”

As for whether he thought Argentina had a chance to lift the FIFA World Cup trophy, he replied: “I don’t care. I won’t watch any more.”