The Cleveland Browns RB Nick Chubb suffered a serious injury during a match against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday.

After Chubb was tackled he immediately held his left leg to show his distress. The initial visual indicated a worrying situation, but the announcers said that the severity of the injuries was significantly greater than it first appeared. He was already being tackled by another player when Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick delivered a low blow to him. His knee bent in an unusual way as a result.

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Chubb had to be carried off the field following the incident. After seeing the tape, Steelers supporters cheered his name and gave him a sincere standing ovation as he made his way to the locker room, as Buck highlighted during the broadcast. Chubb was immediately declared out with a knee injury by the team.

Several X users reacted to the injury and slammed Minkah Fitzpatrick for the collision. One user wrote, “I have no horse in this race but that was absolutely a dirty hit from Minkah Fitzpatrick. It was a “I’m gonna do whatever it takes to stop this TD” kind of tackle and there’s no room in the game for that. Don’t even try and defend it either.”

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“Just what the @nfl wants. Intentional dirty play to take out argueably the best running back in the nfl. Minkah Fitzpatrick should be suspended until Nick Chubb is able to play again.” another user wrote. 

One user wrote, “@nfl need to suspend that THUG Minkah Fitzpatrick. Y’all talking about how safe football is but got fake ass el dabarge niggas seeking kneecaps”

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During his collegiate years, Chubb already suffered a serious knee injury. When he was tackled close to the sideline in 2015, he fell awkwardly and damaged the same left knee on Monday night. Despite the setback, Chubb bounced back admirably to play for Georgia in the 2016 and 2017 seasons before being selected by the Browns in the second round.