Following his touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was flagged for making a gesture, which resulted in the viral hashtag “No Fun League” on X.

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The touchdown leveled the game for Bills against the Cincinnati Bengals by 7-7.

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Several X users were not happy with the move of Allen’s penalty. One user wrote, “This league is getting so weak, these RTPs, almost disqualifying Josh for POINTING????????? NoFunLeague @NFLOfficiating come on.”

“No fun League has ruined football with a number of things, but few more frustrating than “Roughing the Passer” calls. #NFL” another user wrote.

One user tweeted, “No Fun League strikes again. Allen  taunting penalty after making Scott look silly as he strolls into the endzone. So ridiculous, for the dumb stuff they let guys get away with celebrating plays, you can’t even even give someone a “gotcha” point?! #SNF #BillsMafia #NFL”

One user wrote, “No Fun League. They are going to start losing fans. You can’t tackle hard, you can’t celebrate excessively, you can’t point (?)……”

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Josh Allen is a well-known American football quarterback who was born on May 21, 1996 and is currently playing for the Buffalo Bills. At Wyoming, he developed his collegiate football skills and won a bowl game MVP award. The Bills selected Allen with the seventh overall choice in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Allen has quickly become one of the NFL’s most intriguing and adaptable quarterbacks since joining the team. Acclaimed for his powerful arm, agility, and ability to make plays, he has made a name for himself as a key player on and off the field. The Bills have improved to become strong AFC competitors in large part because of Allen’s services.