Chicago Bears won against the Cincinnati Bengals in a close call match on Sunday while maintaining a score of 20-17 towards the conclusion of the game. The winning score was maintained through the final minutes of the clash.

The first two-quarters of the second-week faceoff played in favour of the Chicago Bears. A lead of 7-0 was maintained by the Illinois team, which was later flattened in the third quarter by the Cincinnati Bengals. 

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The fourth quarter ended at a tally of 14 for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bears’ performance on Sunday got cut short by quarterback Andy Dalton‘s injury. The 33-year-old’s knee injury put his return to the game question as Rookie Justin Fields moved into the game.

Dalton missed Chicago’s final drive in the second quarter. He threw a touchdown to Allen Robinson on the game’s opening possession.

Dalton played his first nine seasons with the Bengals and made three Pro Bowls. He spent last year with Dallas and led the Cowboys to a win at Cincinnati.

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Dalton played his first nine seasons for the Bengals after his selection in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft, leading the team to five consecutive playoff appearances from 2011 to 2015, the only quarterback to do so for the franchise  

Sunday’s game saw a close ball possession split between the two teams as Chicago Bears held it for over 31 minutes and Cincinnati Bengals controlled the ball for more than 28 minutes.

Bears also took the lead in crucial stats such as total punts, first downs and total plays. The Illinois team tallied four punts at the end of the game while the competition held two. The first downs were recorded a close call but ended up being in favour of the Chicago Bears, who secured 18 counts.