Former Denver Broncos linebacker DeMarcus Ware got the honor of performing the National Anthem before the Hall of Fame Game between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns on Thursday.

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Ware, who is renowned for his remarkable career as a defensive end, demonstrated his abilities off the football field by singing the National Anthem in an unforgettable way.

The clip of the instance went viral on social media. Several NFL fans shared their reaction to the video while many trolled him. One user wrote, “Has to be so embarrassing for #CowboysNation that DeMarcus Ware is entering the #HOF as a #Bronco #NFL”

“Not sure what is more painful to watch, demarcus ware butchering the anthem or the actual football being played on the field. #basura”, another user tweeted. 

One user tweeted, “They won’t kick DeMarcus Ware out of the Hall of Fame for that performance….right?#HOFGame #HallOfFame”

DeMarcus Omar Ware, an American football player who was born on July 31, 1982, is most known for his illustrious career as an outside linebacker in the National Football League (NFL). He started his college football career at Troy University. The Dallas Cowboys selected him with the 11th overall choice in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft.

Ware changed teams in 2013 and joined the Denver Broncos, where he played for three more seasons and continued to excel. He reached the height of his success while playing with the Broncos by beating the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Ware made the decision to leave the NFL after the 2016 season, making a lasting impression on the league.

DeMarcus Ware was rightfully inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2023, solidifying his place among the sport’s all-time greats.