Super Bowl has been synonymous with Budweiser commercials for years now and Clydesdale horses are always featured in the ads as far as fans can remember. This time too Budweiser run its commercial at Super Bowl but fans began questioning if it featured its iconic Clydesdale horses.

NFL fans look forward to Super Bowl commercials and movie trailers every year. the Budweiser commercial at the 2023 Super Bowl also came with with the iconic Clydesdale horses but they had a small role in the ad. As a result, many of the fans missed their appearance in the ad.

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Some viewers were baffled by 2023’s Budweiser advertisement, others were disappointed that the commercial didn’t feature more of the iconic Clydesdale horses.

“Just had to look up the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial this year (did they even air it?!?) and I’m legitimately mad. How many years in a row is that without a puppy or a horsey?” one user wrote, while another said, “Was there a Super Bowl commercial this year with Clydesdales [horses]? I didn’t see one but maybe I missed it.” One more wrote, “Also, Super Bowl, missed very much the @Budweiser Clydesdales.”

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Here are a few other reactions:

This year’s ad was titled ‘Six degrees of Bud.’ It featured a group of people who enjoy a great time together by sharing the same beer and “same spirit” the ad said.

The commercial featured a subtle nod to the beloved Clydesdale horses. This might explain why some viewers thought they were not featured at the Super Bowl this year. They made an appearance on a small television screen only in the first few seconds of the ad. Kevin Bacon narrated the commercial this year.