Misko Raznatovic, Jokic’s agent, recently during an interview on the All The Smoke podcast with Matt Barnes, revealed that he signed the center without seeing him play.

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He offered an unusual narrative about how he first came across the outstanding center. 

Raznatovic said that he came across Jokic’s name while reading a newspaper and opted to sign him despite not having seen him play. This audacious action by Raznatovic paved the way for Jokic’s extraordinary NBA career, culminating in his current participation in the NBA Finals as he seeks his first championship. Nikola Jokic was just 17 years old when Raznatovic decided to introduce him to Denver Nuggets

Nikola Jokic’s rise from second-round draught choice to two-time league MVP is a spectacular and unusual story in the world of sports. The Denver Nuggets’ selection of him with the 41st choice in the 2014 draught, which occurred in a great Taco Bell commercial, has become an iconic moment. 

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Since then, Jokic has outperformed all expectations and projections, emerging as a true NBA star and outperforming even the wildest predictions made by analysts previous to his meteoric climb to prominence.

Raznatovic while recalling the instance. He described discovering Jokic by chance while examining box scores from Serbian minor leagues in a newspaper. He came across an unknown player with remarkable statistical performances there. Raznatovic was intrigued by this player’s outstanding performances and approached one of his scouts, only to discover that the scout had never heard of him before.

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He in the interview said, “I’m the guy who believes in systems, in projections, analysis,” Raznatovic said. “And I don’t know why, but I told [the scout], ‘I want to sign this guy.” With the signing, Jokic became the first player in the history of the agency to be signed without anybody seeing him play.