Legendary golfer Rory McIlroy was put to the test on Sunday when American golfer Wyndham Clark displayed his extraordinary talent and steely grit to win the US Open. Clark outperformed McIlroy and won the event with a series of crucial shots.

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McIlroy showcased a complete masterclass in the game but was completely overshadowed by Clark’s gameplay, which eventually cost him a US Open victory.

Last year, McIlroy was spotted wearing a permanent glucometer on one of his arms during training. The news quickly turned into a topic of discussion. Several golf fans were amused to know about their favorite golfer, questioning if he was diagnosed with diabetes, and for how long.

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However, it is still not confirmed or disclosed that the golfer has been diagnosed with diabetes. A report state that whether or not have diabetes, professional athletes can benefit from monitoring blood glucose levels. Blood glucose levels can affect an athlete’s performance, endurance, and recovery and are vital to energy metabolism. This might be one of the reasons for McIlroy to use glucometers, to monitor and track glucose levels for optimizing performance.

McIlroy suffered a back ailment in 2010 that kept him out of competition for a long time. This incident revealed his food and exercise routine, showing that while being only 20 years old at the time, he might not have been maintaining a healthy diet. After suffering an injury, McIlroy reportedly reexamined how he approached nutrition and physical health. He realized the value of eating right to boost his athletic performance and general health.

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It is true that McIlroy’s career has experienced difficulties as a result of a number of injuries and illnesses, even though there have been no allegations that he has diabetes. McIlroy has experienced difficulties throughout his professional golfing career, including ailments to his ribs, back, and ankle, which have hindered his play and caused him to miss time from the game.