Phil Mickelson’s recent statement about his gambling habits has brought attention to his personal life, including his devoted wife, Amy Mickelson.

The veteran golfer, known for his 45 PGA Tour event wins, addressed his past gambling habits. He recently admitted to struggles with addiction and pledged not to bet during this year’s football season, marking a significant change in his behavior. Mickelson’s statement comes after revelations in a book by notorious Las Vegas gambler Billy Walters shed light on his extensive betting history.

While Phil Mickelson’s golf career has earned him accolades as a six-time major champion, there’s a lesser-known aspect of his life—his enduring marriage to Amy Mickelson, which has largely remained outside the public eye.

Who is Amy Mickelsen?

Amy Mickelson, formerly Amy McBride, is known for her grace and charm, as well as being a former NBA cheerleader. She met Phil Mickelson while they were both students at Arizona State University and got married in 1996. The couple has three children: Amanda Brynn, Sophia Isabel, and Evan Samuel. Evan’s birth posed a significant challenge as he faced health complications and Amy’s life-threatening delivery.

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Their family has faced hardships, including Amy’s battle with breast cancer in 2009. Phil put his golf career on hold to support her during her treatment, and both Amy and Phil’s mother, Mary Mickelson, were diagnosed with breast cancer around the same time. Fortunately, doctors caught the cancer early, leading to a successful outcome.

Despite these challenges, the Mickelsons have remained a strong and supportive couple. Beyond her role as a mother and wife, Amy, along with Phil, co-founded the nonprofit organization Birdies for the Brave in 2004. This charity supports U.S. Armed Forces service members and their families through various initiatives, including financial aid, rehabilitation programs, and scholarships.

In addition to her charity work, Amy has been a source of support for Phil during challenging times in his career, including his recent controversies and struggles with gambling addiction. Phil took some time away from golf in early 2022, and during that period, he and Amy focused on their marriage and achieving a better balance in life.

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Amy Mickelson’s journey includes being a loving mother, a breast cancer survivor, and a philanthropist alongside her husband, Phil Mickelson, one of golf’s most prominent figures.