Manchester United met Norwich at Old Trafford, Saturday, for an edge-of-the-seat fixture that saw the visiting team fight a Cristiano Ronaldo hattrick with two well-placed goals from Kieran Dowell and Teemu Pukki. 

Amid United’s aims to bounce back after an embattled performance against Everton, that had manager Ralf Rangnick fuming, Harry Maguire’s antics grabbed eyeballs once again. 

The defender’s kick caught teammate Paul Pogba behind the head, leaving the French professional bleeding. The game was halted for a while as Ronaldo ensured Pogba received some medical treatment for the wound. 

Several individuals on Twitter also pointed out that Maguire was bizarrely practising the same kick on the sideline that happened to hit Pogba in the head. 

This is not the first time Maguire has inadvertently hurt one of his teammates. In the Champions League fixture against Atletico Madrid, Maguire ended up headbutting Ronaldo. 

Before that, in 2020, the English defender had manhandled Luke Shaw in the match against Tottenham Hotspur. The professional footballer pulled down his teammate, moments before Shaw could clear the ball, giving Spurs the opportunity to net the equalizer.

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The list of Maguire’s gaffes doesn’t end here, with the 29-year-old having called for a handball in the penalty box, after it struck teammate Nemanja Matic, during the fixture against Everton. 

Maguire’s many such moments of notoriety include the “no-look defending”, a term his actions birthed after the United player looked away from the goal while trying to defend against Sevilla, only to concede a goal soon after. 

With a string of recent disappointments, United legend Nemanja Vidic has suggested that Maguire should be dropped from the more difficult matches and given easier games so he may find his form back. 

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However, United captain Maguire is likely to be part of the squad meeting Liverpool at Anfield, for the Premier League fixture on April 20.