WNBA star Brittney Griner made an emotional comeback on her home court at the Footprint Center in Phoenix on Sunday after spending more than 300 days in Russian custody last year. Although she got a generally positive response from Phoenix Mercury fans, there were also those who chose to comment on her appearance instead of her game.

When Griner’s name was called last, the crowd erupted in cheers as she ran onto the court while giving her teammates high fives. “There might have been a little dust in my eye, a little dusty,” Griner told reporters after the game. “It was emotional in the back, seeing some of the clips and then coming out. … It was really good. Part of the process of healing is kind of just letting it out. So yeah, I got choked up a little bit but try to hide it but I see you caught it.”

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Even though her side put up a good fight, Phoenix Mercury lost 75-69 to Chicago Sky.

When it comes to social media, not all people were supportive of Griner. An increasing number of people left some pretty distasteful comments about how Griner did not look like a typical woman and that she had more manly features. As a result, some of the most searched-for phrases on Griner post-game were “is Brittney Griner transgender?”, “Is Brittney Griner male?”, “Is Brittney Griner man or a woman?”

One such Twitter user wrote: “I had a Brittney Griner Aha moment today. I always chuckled when folks called her a dude. Listening to her talk after dominating in a WNBA game today I’m not chuckling anymore! THIS IS A DUDE! Low voice, no breasts, male physique! What’s next? Michele Obama! What the…#&@!”

Brian Glenn, the director of programming at RSB Network, who is also rumored to be Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s boyfriend, wrote: “Good Morning to all the men this morning except to #BrittneyGriner (He/Him) It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a man is now the face of a women’s professional basketball league. #WNBA.”

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“If Twitter “hurts” you…don’t use Twitter! I’m a meanie because I called Brittney Griner a man! Seriously get a life! He is a man! Calling himself Brittany and pretending to be a woman doesn’t change him, we still see him! No amount of pretend will ever change that!” another user wrote.