Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ designated hitter, has confirmed that he is married, putting an end to any speculation about his relationship status. The revelation came during a spring training session with media members, where Ohtani shared insights into his personal life, stating that he and his wife had known each other for around three to four years prior to their marriage.

This announcement follows a post on his Instagram page, where the baseball superstar expressed his excitement for the future with “someone from my Native country of Japan who is very special to me,” though he chose not to disclose her name.

Ohtani’s decision to keep the details of his personal life private aligns with his previous behavior, as he has consistently maintained a level of secrecy about his relationships. He emphasized that his wife played no role in his recent professional move from the Angels to the Dodgers, a decision that has garnered significant attention. This transition was also shared with his followers on Instagram in December, demonstrating Ohtani’s preference for using social media as a platform to announce major life events.

The inclusion of a picture of his dog, Decoy, in his marriage announcement adds a personal touch to the news, underscoring Ohtani’s desire to share his happiness with his supporters while keeping specific details to himself. As Ohtani embarks on a new chapter in his personal life, he continues to make waves professionally. Despite recovering from elbow surgery and not pitching this year, he hit a home run in his first spring training game with the Dodgers, indicating a promising outlook for the 2024 season.