TikToker Ashley Elliott also known as the Gel Army Lady, recently revealed that her marriage with her husband is “ending.”

Elliott had sparked concerns about her failing marriage among her fans after she talked about a hypothetical situation a few days back where a husband was leaving his wife for a younger woman. In the latest TikTok, Elliott explained to her followers why she refused to discuss what transpired in her marriage with her husband. She said that she was top respectful of him to do that, for the sake of their kids. She did mention, however, that her marriage was “ending.”

Who is Ashley Elliott’s husband?

A few weeks back, fans started noticing that the videos featuring her husband were disappearing from Elliott’s platform. Around the time that she released her August 24 video where she discussed a hypothetical situation involving a husband, she seemed to have stopped wearing her wedding band.

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In the same TikTok, she expressed her fear of getting married to a hard-working man who makes great money and wants to take care of you to the point where you don’t work yourself. When rumors went rife that Elliott might be talking about her own husband, she said “This has nothing to do with me,” in a later video.

The identity of Elloitt’s husband is also shrouded in mystery as he is not on social media. She explained that the two of them have had different stances when it came to being on the internet. “I’ve always loved being on social media and he did not,” she stated.” As she gained popularity, she stated that her husband “doesn’t want to be recognized every single time he goes out in public.” 

A TikTok user named Monique posted some videos claiming that she had been in contact with Elliott’s husband. “First of all I want to make it very clear, we did not meet up in person,” Monique cryptically says. She said that Elliott’s husband wanted to be “heard and understood.” She added that Elliott was focusing on something “she thinks is bigger than what it is.”

“I am not saying what he did is right. Everybody has different morals,” she said, adding that Elliott’s husband should not have to make videos if he’s contributing to their family in different ways and if it’s mentally draining for him. Some people have since pointed out how Monique’s man looks similar to Elliott’s husband.

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Elliott’s husband himself addressed the matter in a now-deleted TikTok. In the video, he said he is not going to let someone use him for their success “run his name through mud.”

“I don’t like social media, I don’t care for it,” he said. “But I am not about to let a person who used me for their success, for our whole marriage, run my name to the mud,” he said.