Jaguars WR Zay Jones scored a touchdown versus the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Trevor Lawrence got smacked but only after he fired a high ball to the back of the end zone where Jones leaped to snag the ball and score today’s first touchdown. Doug Pederson then went two right away, thanks to a penalty moving the ball closer. They got it through Travis Etienne to make it 8-0.

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Here is a video of the moment:

Soon after, Jaguars’ Brandon McManus converted a field goal from 44 yards to extend his team’s lead to 11.

“It’s a beautiful day for kicking out here, warm with not a breath of wind so we could see some long kicks today should the game state dictate it,” BBC reported.

Meanwhile, the commentators said that the Bills looked like they still needed to wake up due to their poor performance on the field so far. The fact that the Jags have been in the UK since their game last week also seems to be giving them an advantage.

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“The Buffalo Bills look like they are asleep, it might be the advantage of the Jaguars having been in London for more than a week,” two-time Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora said on ITV.

The first quarter has been brilliant for the Jaguars who really were able to move the ball when they needed to. The Bills were not really able to stop the big plays. The penalties also cost them.

Only right at the end of that quarter, the Bills got their one and only first down.